Demonstration and Initiation to CECIFOOT day

Another way to play soccer:

For its 30th Anniversary, the Rehazenter (National Center for Functional Re-education and Rehabilitation) organized, on the 26th of April 2008, and for the first time in Luxemburg, a demonstration and initiation to CECIFOOT day, a way to play soccer adapted to partially sighted and blind people.
This sport is played according to futsal rules, but with blindfolded eyes, a noise ball with little bells in it and sound signals behind the goals to allow players to locate them more easily.

The first game between Brussels CECIFOOT Club and a selection of 6 Luxemburg First League (Fortis League) players, who all played blindfolded, occurred at the end of that morning. The technical level, speed of movements and fighting spirit of the young partly sighted Belgium players were impressive and they won over 2 goals to 0.
The afternoon came with an initiation to CECIFOOT of 27 blind, partly sighted or even fully sighted players. It was followed by a game during which players were guided by volunteers to avoid collisions. The day ended with a tremendous game between the Brussels CECIFOOT team and staff members of the Rehazenter, cheered by many warm enthusiastic supporters.

All the activities of the day happened in a sporting fair play and extraordinary solidarity and ended in a very friendly way around a toast.

Hughes Moraine