Speech Therapies Service
Speech therapies deal with oral and written speech, language, voice, articulation and swallowing disorders.
Within the frame of functional re-education and rehabilitation, adult patients with cerebral damages (Cerebral Vascular Accident or Head Syndrome) or suffering from a neurological disease (degenerative or not) are the ones who often need speech therapies.
Speech therapies will be a part of the multidisciplinary cares provided to the patients in respect of their needs and expectations.
For information, the speech therapist will inform doctors of the remaining capacities of the patients after they take standard tests.
The cognitive and/or motor capacities (speak, write, understand, breathe, vocalize, swallow safely) will be trained to obtain quantitative and qualitative improvements of performances and a reduction of specific deficiencies.
Through the set up of facilitating or comfort means, remaining capacities will be used at their full level of efficiency to allow the patients to find an optimal autonomy with their relatives and to find or keep their places and social roles. This kind of care will be interesting for patients suffering from severe aphasia or neurological disease (degenerative or not).
Through the trust established during the re-education, the speech therapist follows the patients during the entire road to recovery and autonomy.
After the intensive re-education phase, patients will be followed-up on the long run by regular controls of what had been learned and/or by short resuming of therapies.

  • Standard test procedures and devices,
  • Varied re-education equipment allowing a flexible use,
  • State-of-the-art re-education techniques,
  • Assisted communication devices.
  • Professionals with specific competences,
  • Human abilities to listen and empathy.