Created in 2003, the objectives of this service are:

  1. Evaluate bladder sphincters dysfunctions.
  2. Offer medical or even surgical treatments as part of the overall handicap multidisciplinary treatment.
  3. Provide education to the patients and their relatives (for example: intermittent auto and hetero polls).
  4. Provide a follow-up and regular treatment and technical help adaptations, depending on the evolution of the pathologies and on technical progress.
  5. Perform neuro-sexologic evaluations and offer therapies adapted to the patient's medical condition and needs (treatment for erection and ejaculation dysfunctions).

The SENUFS team is composed of two specialists of physical medicine with a specific neuro-urology and urodynamic training and a re-education nurse.

This team has two urodynamic chains coupled with electrophisiologic exploration, a portable ultrasound scanner to make non-invasive measurements of postvoiding residuals. It also has at its disposal a radiology unit to visualize the entire bladder-sphincter system (Regressive Uretro-Cystography per-Mictional-Ulstrasound) and a whole batch of didactic tools that are necessary to educate patients.

You can find the SENUFS on the ground floor of the Rehazenter, in the Functional Explorations sector.

Requests for appointments have to be addressed to 26984106 or 26984107.