The snoezelen is an invitation to varied sensory experiments, lived in an atmosphere of trust and relaxation, favoring primary senses stimulation.

It is friendly place of mutual respect and attention. It is also a place where patients can be idle! Therapists are present only to reassure the patients through their presence.

When the patient's well-being is ensured, the discovery of the environment can be favored.

We encourage patients

  • to react to sensory stimulations (tactile, olfactory, visual, auditory, vestibular, proprioceptive). Each sense being worked on separately.
  • To communicate verbally or non-verbally
  • To initiate movements in different positions
  • To favor motor games.

Patients waking up from a coma, suffering from head syndrome, hemiplegia, anoxia.
In this room, work is made depending on the patient, not on the pathology. Care within the snoezelen is prescribed by a doctor as any other re-education session.
Therapies are for only one patient at a time. They are supervised by either an occupational therapist, a psycho-motor therapist, a speech therapist or a neuro-psychologist depending on the objectives given by the doctor.