Within the frame of its competences, the traumatology-orthopedics physiotherapy service deals with all therapeutic activities related to treatments of the rachis and the musculoskeletal system. These cares concern the musculoskeletal, articular, ligamentary and tendinous systems.

After the medical consultation with our specialists of physical and rehabilitation medicine or specialists of injuries related to sports activities, patients receive a care prescription adapted to their condition.

They receive a planning for their cares within the Rehazenter.

There are multiple cares provided by the traumatology-orthopedics service.
They include regular assessments and treatments for all patients sent to the service.
Therapists attend a in-service training course to master state-of-the-art techniques in their respective domains of expertise.
A specialized department deals with lower back pain treatments within the dynamic rachis recovery group.
Each treatment will be preceded by an assessment, complementary to the initial one from the therapist.
These assessments include standard validated evaluations.
They are completed by specific assessments such as:
Iso-kinetic assessment
Submaximal cardiovascular effort trial
Strength and spinal amplitude assessment
Pain Medication
Global analytic strengthening
Iso-kinetic strengthening
Dynamometric rachis strengthening
Cardiovascular training
Muscular training using muscle building devices
Physiotherapy: electrotherapy, hot and cold thermotherapy (paraffin baths, fangotherapy, gas cryotherapy, icing)
Radial shockwaves
Scottish baths for trophic disorders
Massotherapy and specific massage techniques (cicatricial, deep-tissue massages, Cyriax, plantar reflexology
Dia-cutaneous fibrolysis (picking) lymph draining
Specific movements (passive, active-assisted, active)
Arthro-motor (CPM) and pulley therapy
Manual therapy (analytic, Sohier, Cyriax, Neuro-meningitis, Trigger
Muscular chains
Sensitive numbness techniques
Sensory reafferentation
Walking and wheelchair handling course