Medical Staff

Medical staff of the traumatology-orthopedics sector is composed of:

Dr Anja Dekant

Specialist for Orthopedics

Dr Françoise Paquet

Specialist for physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine

Dr Jean-Pierre Savy

Specialist for physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine
Specialist of Sport-related injuries

Dr Jean-Paul Schmiz

Specialist for physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine
Specialist of Sport-related injuries


The Rehazenter provides treatments in the traumatology-orthopedics sector for pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system and the rachis.

Main indications are:

Skeletal fractures of upper and lower limbs
Hand tendons reformative surgery
Traumatic amputations
Amputations of vascular origins
Congenital limbs deformation
Vascular disease peripheral to the limbs
Degenerative articular arthritis
Prosthesis hip and knees surgery
Muscular weakness after a lengthy stay in intensive care
Skin burns
Post mastectomy lymphoedema
Post phlebitis syndrome

Rachis arthritis
Slipped disc
Vertebral fractures
Rheumatoid inflammatory diseases
Acquired or degenerative narrowing of the lumber vertebral canal
Chronic pain syndrome
Effort deconditioning Syndrome

Means of Diagnosis

The means of diagnosis in the traumatology-orthopedics sector are:

Conventional radiology
Ultrasound scanner
Biological laboratory
Electrophysiology: EMG, VCN, PES, PEM
Vesical echoscan
Percutaneous oximetry
Urodynamic examination
Baropodoscopique examination
Walk analysis
Isokinetic examination
Submaximal Cardio-vascular effort
Strength and spinal amplitude examination
Professional functional assessment ESAP
Driving aptitude (CLECAR)


The following treatments are available in the traumatology-orthopedics sector:

Specialized medical consultations involving the elaboration of re-education projects.
Medical hospitalization or polyclinic ambulatory cares
Pain medication
Physical treatments :

  • Spa bath therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massotherapy
  • Radial Shockwaves therapy
  • Manual therapy

Functional re-education :

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupation therapy
  • Psycho-motricity
  • Physical education
  • Speech therapy
  • Perineal sphincter re-education

Back School
Rachis Dynamism Restoration (RDR) program
Prosthesis and orthesis

  • Relaxation

Cardio-circulatory training:

  • Adapted pool gymnastics
  • Adapted gymnasium gymnastics

Walking way
Autonomy training for daily life activities
Professional multifunctional simulation workshop
Professional pre-orientation
Sports adapted to disabled people